Who do they think they are?

These guys have some nerve, don’t they?

Walking around and talking about themselves like they are the cat’s meow.

Well I’ve got news for them.

They’re not and in fact they are anything BUT. I am a little heated at the moment, sorry if you can tell. I really am a nice guy, I just sometimes get so caught up in this crazy world that I have to make sense of it.

Another thing worth mentioning, since I have your attention anyway.

One thing that will always grind my gears is peer review.

I know a bit random but I just find it so crazy that we use the dumb ‘MFer’ next to us to review our paper. Everyone has their own writing style and no two people have ever wrote the same paper. (Excluding plagiarism)

It just seems a bit pointless, to me anyway. I know some people could really benefit from a peer review and this is not to brag about my writing skills because they are nothing to talk about, I mean shit, look at this long ass sentence, pretty impressive isn’t it?

And guess what, I think it’s safe to assume you understood the words I put down on this page, and it’s not a perfect sentence.

Since I will be creating this website/blog in the heat of the moment, things will change pretty constantly but if I can tell you something that stays just between us?

I really enjoy the sound my keyboard makes when I type on it. The clicking of the mechanical keys is rather soothing. Razer makes some great products, in fact all of my gear is Razer.

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