I know who they think they are

It’s taken me a bit but i’ve finally come to grips with the answer to my last blog post. It’s an answer I didn’t want to hear but it seems to be true.

These guys don’t realize what they are really doing, they are playing with fire. You know what they say about house fires right?

Starts from the ground up and doesn’t end until the roof is gone. I don’t recommend playing with fire because replacing a roof can be quite costly…

If I ever found myself in a situation where I needed a new roof, I’d definitely use my friends from Fairfax.


Most professional COMPANY I’ve ever dealt with, I have no doubt they are the best at what they do. My highest recommendation.

Among other things..

Regardless, I’m on to these clownie actors. We will see how long they get away with what their doing.

It’s really quite disrespectful, all I want to do is share my life with them and all they do is turn away. Lovin’ like this is hard to find, luckily, the truth is not.

Until next time..

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